Flow Discovery Journal

Flow Discovery Journal & Coloring Book: 60 Days to Explore, Write, and Color Your World

by Carmen Viktoria Gamper
Published in August 2020
139 pages

Children ages 6 to 106: Enter the delightful world of the Flow Discovery Journal and find your flow..

The Flow Discovery Journal is a 60-day writing journal, activity and coloring book. Answering the journal’s inspiring questions encourages children to explore their surroundings and experience the flow state of optimal learning away from screens. The Flow Discovery Journal also invites grown-ups to play and remember the curiosity and fun they had as a child. Get to know each other better and build deeper connections while engaging with the fun explorations offered each day.

Do you think a book can be a friend?
Yes, it can!

Dive into the Flow Discovery Journal and meet FDJ, your incredibly curious new friend who wants to know everything about you!

What would you do on the best day of your life?

Which instruments would you like to play?

Where would you like to walk barefoot?

FDJ is also smart and will show you some fascinating things. You will discover sun dials, labyrinths, multiplication tricks, and so much more! Get your pencils ready, and set out on an exciting expedition into the world that’s inside you, and all around you!

Available as print and eBook on amazon.com and Barnes and Noble 



“My daughter and I are having fun with the questions in the Flow Discovery Journal. I feel it is a meaningful way to engage with her; she is 8 years old.

Francis Lacorna
Mother, San Jose


“The Flow Discovery Journal helps me take an active role in my son’s education in a fun way. We explor the questions one by one each day. It’s a great way to start our homeschooling day.”

Theo Letterman
Homeschooling Dad


“My granddaughter loves the Flow Discovery Journal. It was a great gift!

Ella Gerti

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