Flow Discovery Journal

Flow Discovery Journal & Coloring Book: Daily Questions to Spark Your Beginner’s Mind

by Carmen Viktoria Gamper
Published in October 2020
142 pages

Writing journal, activity book, and coloring book all in one: Discover, imagine and create new worlds inside you and all around you!

Your beginner’s mind is a superpower! It helps you discover your very own flavor of intelligence, your preferences, and talents. Don’t underestimate simple questions! They strengthen imagination and creativity and lead kids and adults alike to think out-of-the-box, in new or long-forgotten ways.

You will tap into your multiple intelligences, develop a growth mindset, and experience yourself as a competent learner. You will find puzzles, crafting activities, math tricks, drawing exercises, language games, and many questions to open your mind.

Use the daily questions to connect with children, invite them to play alone or with siblings, friends, and other grown-ups to learn more about one another.

NAPPA AWARDS WINNER  – National Parenting Product Award Winner 2020
Evaluation comments:

“I like that there are no rules or one way of doing the activities in this journal. It presents a set of questions to help you think about yourself, your experiences, the world around you. The questions have a wide range such as: ‘What is your favorite meal?,’ ‘Do you like adventures?,’ ‘Make a list of the things or places you would like to see, discover and explore.”

“These questions make you think, get you away from social media, computer games and apps and other devices. It is educational in that it helps you discover yourself.”

“I like that this journal is coming at a time that everyone is online all the time. Our worlds have become one zoom after another. This is a great book to help families just slow down and take a look at themselves. I think it is great for anyone at any age, but see mostly tween and teenagers really enjoying and using this book.”

“I really like the timing of this book. It will really help a lot of people who are struggling with the pandemic and being alone and away from family and friends to take this time to discover themselves. Even after this pandemic, it is a great tool for slowing down and becoming more mindful.”

“Journaling is a wonderful tool for understanding yourself and your feelings and this particular journal gives young children the opportunity to explore their feelings in a creative way and learn an important tool that they can use throughout life.”

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We adore this book. My ten-year-old and I currently use it as a “mommy and me” diary to connect during special time and it sparks the sweetest conversations. I love this journal so much that I have also purchased a copy for each of my students ages 7-11 in my tiny school as a holiday gift.

Sarah Wilmarth, School Founder, Sebastapol, CA


“The Flow Discovery Journal helps me take an active role in my son’s education in a fun way. We explore the questions one by one each day. It’s a great way to start our homeschooling day.”

Theo Letts, Homeschooling Dad, Los Angeles, CA


“My granddaughter and I love the Flow Discovery Journal. It was a great gift!

Ella Gerti, Grandmother, San Francisco, CA

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