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Discover your child’s (and your) unique flavor of intelligence! The author, Carmen Gamper, reads from the Flow Discovery Journal

For children ages 5 to 105: “Hello you! There are 7 billion people on planet earth. You are one of them, and there is no …

Learning in Flow

Let children find their flow state of optimal learning

Have you noticed your child focusing so intensely on their activity that they forget about time and can’t hear you call them? They might be …


Benefits of Flow Activity Stations at Home

A flow activity station is a place where children and/or grown-ups can spend an extended period of time with an activity they love. Home flow …

Flow Activity Stations

A Master Needs a Dojo: Children Need Places Prepared for Flow States

A dojo is a prepared environment, a training hall, for martial arts practitioners—created with the explicit purpose for them to be in the zone, which …


Thriving during Transitions from Your Child’s Flow State to What is Next

The intensely positive emotions that come with being in complete command of one’s actions, and the pure joy of being in a flow state, may …


Parenting Insight: They don’t always need me

Book Excerpt by Flow to Learn contributor Susanne Stover, flow-friendly parenting expert and Oregon-based mother of two marvelous young masters of flow: I deeply love …

Flow Activity Stations

What are Flow Stations?

A flow station is a place created for a child, teenager, or adult to be in the zone, which is another expression for being in flow. …

Sybille Kramer-dancer

Your Child is a Young Master of Flow

Children are young masters of flow and young masters of learning. No matter into which culture they are born, no matter their gender or economic …

Flow Activity Stations

Prepare a Water Play Station

Most children love to play with water. They will play while taking their bath in the tub, or with water glasses, they find at the …

Daydreaming flow to learn
Flow Activity Stations

Week 26 | A Close Look at Boredom

{Excerpt from Flow To Learn, Week 26} When a child says, “I am bored,” or you can see that they are passive, listless, and unable …



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