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Homeschooling / Parenting

How to Lovingly Nurture Your Child’s Independence

Whether parents work from home or outside the home, the time they can spend with their child is often limited and it will help if …

Flow To learn - Your child's first teacher
Homeschooling / Parenting

Enjoy Being Your Child’s First Teacher and Learning Companion

Mothers, fathers, or primary caregivers play an important role as a child’s first teacher. Parents teach their children how to eat with a fork and …

hand in hand
Homeschooling / Parenting

Modeling Behavior is the Best Teacher: Respect Must Be Mutual

First published with audio version on Children aren’t born with social skills. Children don’t need to learn how to learn but they do need guidance in …

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Homeschooling / Parenting

How to Recognize Your Child’s Flow State of Optimal Learning

When children are supported to explore on their own through hands-on play, they enter a state of flow. Psychologists describe flow as “optimal experience,” and …

Homeschooling / Parenting

The Healing Power of Imaginative Play

{Please visit for the audio version of this article} Just as adults benefit from talking about their challenges with friends or a therapist, many …

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Homeschooling / Parenting

Balancing Your Child’s Screen Time During Covid

First published on Parentology – Parenting in the Digital Age Managing your child’s screen time during COVID-19 has become more challenging than ever. As the …

Carmen's Books

Discover your child’s (and your) unique flavor of intelligence! The author, Carmen Gamper, reads from the Flow Discovery Journal

For children ages 5 to 105: “Hello you! There are 7 billion people on planet earth. You are one of them, and there is no …

Homeschooling / Parenting

Let children find their flow state of optimal learning

Have you noticed your child focusing so intensely on their activity that they forget about time and can’t hear you call them? They might be …

Homeschooling / Parenting

Benefits of Flow Activity Stations at Home

A flow activity station is a place where children and/or grown-ups can spend an extended period of time with an activity they love. Home flow …

Flow Activity Stations

A Master Needs a Dojo: Children Need Places Prepared for Flow States

A dojo is a prepared environment, a training hall, for martial arts practitioners—created with the explicit purpose for them to be in the zone, which …



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