Strengthen your child’s flow state ~ the optimal way of learning

Have you seen your child focus so deeply that they lose themselves in a task? When did you last lose track of time because you were having so much fun? This focused, fulfilling state –called flow in psychology– naturally occurs in children and adults during play, movement, and hands-on activities they love. In flow, we feel alive, we are authentically interested and deeply absorbed –and this is how we learn best and achieve more!

Flow to Learn: A 52-Week Parent’s Guide to Recognize and Support Your Child’s Flow State – the Optimal Condition for Learning

Published in March 2020, 342 pages.

Flow To Learn is an illustrated, hands-on guide book for parents to recognize and support their child’s flow state for fun home learning. Divided into 52 Weeks, it accompanies the reader through the year with hundreds of practical suggestions and compassionate insights that encourage children to learn in flow during their playful activities. Parents discover why and how to create flow activity stations that help children focus while freeing up parents’ time and boosting children’s love for learning, mental health, and well-being.
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Children ages 6 to 106: Enter the delightful world of the Flow Discovery Journal and find your flow..
The Flow Discovery Journal is a 60-day writing journal, activity and coloring book. Answering the journal’s inspiring questions encourages children to explore their surroundings and experience the flow state of optimal learning away from screens. The Flow Discovery Journal also invites grown-ups to play and remember the curiosity and fun they had as a child. Get to know each other better and build deeper connections while engaging with the fun explorations offered each day. Purchase on Amazon and Barnes & Noble.

Articles, Insights, & Inspiration

Benefits of Flow Activity Stations at Home

A flow activity station is a place where children and/or grown-ups can spend an extended period of time with an activity they love. Home flow …

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A Master Needs a Dojo: Children Need Places Prepared for Flow States

A dojo is a prepared environment, a training hall, for martial arts practitioners—created with the explicit purpose for them to be in the zone, which …

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Thriving during Transitions from Your Child’s Flow State to What is Next

The intensely positive emotions that come with being in complete command of one’s actions, and the pure joy of being in a flow state, may …

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Parenting Insight: They don’t always need me

Book Excerpt by Flow to Learn contributor Susanne Stover, flow-friendly parenting expert and Oregon-based mother of two marvelous young masters of flow: I deeply love …

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What are Flow Stations?

A flow station is a place created for a child, teenager, or adult to be in the zone, which is another expression for being in flow. …

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Sybille Kramer-dancer

Your Child is a Young Master of Flow

Children are young masters of flow and young masters of learning. No matter into which culture they are born, no matter their gender or economic …

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Flow to Learn

A 52-Week Parent's Guide to Recognize & Support
Your Child's Flow State

Flow to Learn supports parents with elements from child development, psychology, and innovative child-centered education to bring the joy, fun, wisdom, and inspiration of learning in flow into homes. Explore the 52 chapters to enrich every week of the year:

✩ Create activity stations to free up your time while strengthening your child’s intelligence and mental health
✩ Discover your child’s vibrant inner world, and support them through the ups and downs of childhood
✩ Get encouraged by the authentic insights from a mother who practices the flow-parenting approach with her family
✩ See children as guides to your own flow state 

Flow to Learn is a beautifully-written and well-researched resource for children and parents. We’ve found it incredibly helpful as we navigate the joys and challenges of having our two-and-a-half-year-old son home with us (all the time right now, due to the shelter-in-place order).”
Dr Joel Cabrita (History, Stanford University)

The Author

Carmen Viktoria Gamper is an advisor and speaker for innovative child-centered education, and proud author of Flow To Learn. Carmen became an expert on childhood flow states by supporting and witnessing hundreds of children learning on their own terms in the carefully prepared, hands-on learning environments of innovative summer camps and schools.

As founder of New Learning Culture (NLC) Consulting, Carmen advises preschools and grade schools on how to prepare effective, flow-rich learning environments. She assists educators in setting the tone for learning in their child-led classrooms, so children can playfully yet assuredly acquire intellectual, academic, practical, and creative skills at their own pace.

For Flow To Learn, Carmen consulted with Susanne Stover, writer, editor, and mother of two marvelous young masters of flow. Susanne’s insights further support parents in practicing flow-friendly education at home. Sybille Kramer created the delightful drawings in the book.

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